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ConnectXcite Mobi India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of Parking Management Services powered with Mobile - Cloud based parking management technology and full feature parking service provider to multiple Residential and Commercial Sectors. Its efficient Parking Management system, “mPark” is a Cloud and Mobile based parking management system that comes with various benefits and programs for multiple segments of societies, be it residential or commercial.
Be it a 100,000 car parking space or a smart city implementation with intelligent traffic and parking management, our parking technology mPark works for all. mPark’s Parking Management solutions improve the system that unanimously combats with the expanding parking demand and we make this possible through our below mentioned strategically planned objectives:

  • Ready to deploy and integrate live with existing infrastructure in the shortest lead time
  • Reduced development costs and increased affordability.
  • More compact, multi-modal community planning (smart growth).
  • Improved design flexibility, creating more functional and attractive communities.
  • Ability to accommodate new uses and respond to new demands.
  • Parking management refers to policies and programs that result in more efficient use of parking resources.
  • Cloud & Mobile based parking management system
  • Portability efficiency to connect with any existing system
  • Suitable for BOTH : gated and non gated parking lots
  • Provides highest security standards
  • Convenience of usage
  • Low Cost
  • Optimum usage of available resources
  • Our Parking Management devices and software can be easily integrated with your existing recourses
  • User vehicles are much safer by using mPark
  • mPark safety features gives immediate reports on any vehicle’s entry and exit history.
  • An instant report generator to show you the past and present position of vehicles parked in the parking.
  • Gives you an immediate access to know how many vehicles have been parked in your parking.
  • Reports of any unauthorized car that has been parked in your parking and from how many days.
  • Feature for live alerts and broadcasts through mobile app
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