Parking Management is an essential attribute now days in all walks of our lives. mPark has evolved a technology and created a service offering with trained staff and well designed process flow that can easily integrate with existing parking infrastructure to offer the best solutions for parking needs. mPark customers can easily upgrade their parking mechanism with an improved mpark system. It is quite convenient, comfortable and flexible to control the entry and exit of vehicles in the parking area.
ConnectXciteMobi India Pvt. Ltd. has undertaken projects in parking management for DMRC, South Delhi Municipal Corporation across 52 parking lots and Airport Authority of India for Pune Airport & several RWA’s in South Delhi and Mumbai.
Our services include the following:
Commercial Parking Management System
Mall Parking Management System
Metro Parking Management System
Residential Parking Management System
Hospital Parking Management System
Institutional Parking Management System
Event Parking Management System

ConnectXcite Inc was incorporated in 2000 at Boston, MA, and has been at the forefront of computer software development and data services delivery in the US
ConnectXcite Mobi India Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in New Delhi, India in 2012 with offices in New Delhi & Gurgaon
In 2012, ConnectXcite launched its first Android application, ‘Peace of Mind’.
ConnectXcite Mobi India Pvt. Ltd. launched m-Toll in India in 2014.
ConnectXcite Mobi India Pvt. Ltd. launched mPark in India in 2015

About mPark
Our efficient Parking Management system, “mPark” is a parking management and parking guidance system that comes with multiple benefits and programs for your parking. Having been successful in three Parking LOAs for DMRC, mPark has been the game changers by bringing 100% LIVE Parking data and state of art technology to the DMRC parking lots along with multiple residential and commercial sectors.
mPark is a Parking Management and Parking Guidance System that uses mobile technology and cloud computing
Designed for use in gated/non gated and open (street) parking lots
Built to easily integrate in existing parking infrastructure and systems
mPark brings the highest level of security and convenience for parking
mPark leverages the ease of a mobile app with Class III security for validation and operation
mPark is scalable and modular
Does not require Tokens, Cards or RFID for parking
Reduces pilferage and leakages of parking funds

Unique Propositions

Your Investment in existing equipment (Boom Barriers etc.) fits right in – protects legacy investment
Optimum usage of available resources
Our Parking Management devices and software can be easily integrated with your existing recourses
We can procure the best equipment for you
Our pocket friendly schemes will support your budgeting
Your user vehicles are much safer by using our program
Our safety features gives immediate reports on any vehicle’s entry and exit history.
An instant report generator to show you the past and present position of vehicles parked in the parking.
Gives you an immediate access to know how many vehicles have been parked in your parking.
Reports of any unauthorized car that has been parked in your parking and from how many days.
Our program will lift over all standards of your parking and exceed your expectations.
Reduce total car thefts with our program.

Unorganized and irregular Parking
Maintain inventory of stickers, tags etc.
Car Thefts
Outside cars parked in your parking lots
Actual users deprived of parking space
Fights over parking issues between users
Poor utilization of available parking spaces due to mismanaged parking
Loss of revenue due to poor utilization of parking space
No track of vehicle movement
Paper model of car parking system is time consuming and not accurate
High security risk -vehicle theft or damages
No real time access to data w.r.t. Occupancy status ,revenue generated , daily parked vehicle etc.

With our efficient Parking Management System we raise the standards of parking lots of all our customers and provide efficiency management in better managing the parking and raising the standards beyond their expectations.

We introduce latest mPark parking management system along with automatic boom barriers CCTV Cameras and Cashless parking facility with digital payments, high security and trained courteous manpower.
Additionally mPark is committed to provide transparent and real time data of parking activity 24 X 7.
Additional Highlights:
Users can see available parking information on the mPark mobile app
Cashless payment facility
Hourly record of the camera output will be given to you.
Message Alert will be sent to registered users regarding any announcements
Parking management through the mPark technology of Cambridge Transportation Labs Corporation, Massachusetts, USA

We are happy to offer to work closely with our customers and partners to increase the service level and the revenue potential from the parking area by providing expert inputs on proposed activities/ interventions like dynamic pricing once we have real time information from the parking lot. The current parking status can also be viewed live on the authorized mPark dashboard (on the web) by our customers and partners. We make significant investments in terms of technology, expertise and manpower.
mPark provides validated parking access and payment using a mobile app
mPark ‘controls’ the parking through mPark Cloud
There are two versions of the App
For a parking attendant in case of non-gated parking lots
For a user – Optional – for use in both gated and nongated parking lots
mPark cloud database ‘creates’ parking lots (zones, entry, exit,charges, rules)
mPark cloud ‘pulls and pushes’ data to parking lot operators
Users download mPark App and register
mPark Manager ‘authorises’ users (visitors, staff, taxi, maintenance, VIP, etc)
In case of paid parking, users fund the App through cash, net bbanking or mobile wallet
mPark cloud pushes ‘rules’ and parking information to Parking Attendants’ and Users’ App
In case of Automated / Gated parking
the mPark equipment will detect the user on arrival and communicate the credentials with the mPark cloud
Cloud will respond access granted/ fees/ zones validation
Cloud response can be to parking equipment (like boom barrier, display, etc) through mPark controller – unmanned operation feature is available
Cloud response can be (also) to the parking operator App for manual gate operation
In case of non-gated parking lots
Parking attendant will enter the vehicle number in the mPark Attendant App
Information is pushed to mPark Cloud
Cloud responds with user information which is displayed on mPark Attendant App
In case of paid parkings the payment advise can be generated at entry or exit as required
Even if a user has not registered on mPark, based on the parking rules, entry/ exit can be through the mPark Attendant App
mPark manager can ‘Push’ alerts and notifications to registered or parked users
Users can see available parking and also make pre-booking (and payments) for parking
mPark cloud allows for powerful MIS and analytics
mPark cloud allows for dynamic control of parking lots – granting or removing access (VIP, Exempt vehicle, Black List, White List)
mPark allows the high level of KYC based connect between vehicles and users – prevents mis use of ‘labeled’ vehicles

Link each mPark user with his/her car thus increasing security and Safety.
Information regarding the user for every vehicle parked stored in database.
In addition to local database every information also stored in cloud database.

Live Information of parking slots is provided on user mobile
Violation detection by automatic and manual modes
Dynamic maps and live updates for parking guidance specially useful during rush hours

mPark user can book a parking slot in advance using the mPark mobile application.

Quick installation
Small number of instruments to be installed at site.
Seamless integration with existing system

Permanent connection with user for assistance whenever required.
Communicate to User using web messaging present on dashboard.
Contact a particular individual or group of people

Wide range of payment mechanism
Scratch Cards
Net banking
Credit card
Debit card
3rd party wallet

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