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mPark is committed to its goals of providing a class of parking service and fostering success. Virtually every city has parking needs that may or may not be getting met. From simple concepts like residential parking to private parties at individuals homes to more complex like managing 50,000 space parking decks, mPark does it all. Be it residential or commercial, mPark can deliver everywhere. MPark’s customer-centric approach, parking management expertise and multilevel solutions are proven to alleviate parking usage and create more demand of parking lots all over India. To meet this demand mPark has introduced “mPark Franchise”, a franchise system that benefits all mPark Franchisees at little or no cost, who ultimately benefits to be the parking lot owners!  This unique business model of mPark ensures that its Franchisee benefits the most from mPark’s multiple franchise models.

We can train the new or put the experienced in a situation to start their own parking business.

  • What can an mPark franchise benefit with?
  • Start your own business
  • Generate Revenue
  • Improve Functionality
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Cost
  • Training on proper parking operations and parking management techniques.
  • Face to face meetings with you and your prospects to help you win your first accounts.
  • mPark branding such as logos, company web site, brand collaterals etc.
  • Unlimited revenue potential and the opportunity to be your own boss.
  • Back Up Support
  • Knowledge Base
  • Immediate Support
  • mPark Branding
  • Until now there have been no franchise models in the parking management industry. mPark is a one of a kind! We don’t have to beat the competition. We don’t have any!

    Why should one consider buying a franchise rather than starting ones own business at ground level?

    mPark Franchising Opportunities offers individuals and parties an excellent platform for owning their own business and that too with all their risk removed. In this effect, the mPark franchisee is able to launch his or its new business without many of the usual growing troubles. mPark with its monitoring corrects the most important mistakes, irons out most of the wrinkles, and invents a unique system that proves to work. mPark Franchising Opportunities provides an additional comfort level to the mPark franchisee through ongoing, daily support services and access to the latest systems and tools, thanks to our up to date technology and ground support. We are committed to ongoing development and constantly search for ways to expand and strengthen the support that we offer our franchisees. mPark Franchising Opportunities is the leader in the parking management franchise industry, and we are determined to keep that position!

    MPark is:

  • FIRST in the parking industry to develop the systems and tools necessary to provide customer specific parking solutions!
  • FIRST to develop a completely cost effective form of parking management!
  • FIRST to offer lot owners, regardless of the size of their facility, access to a working system.
  • FIRST to develop a method of management that maximizes parking availability through effective cross utilization of facilities!

  • And now we are:

  • FIRST to offer the experience, the systems and the tools that will help you, the mPark Franchisee, to be FIRST in your area.
  • mPark franchisees are in business for themselves, they are never in business by themselves.

  • mPark Franchise model is further categorized into Four Categories given below:
  • CATEGORY 01: SYSTEM INTEGIATOR FRANCHISEE We sell technology License along with equipment to small footprint client e.g. RWA, Corporate Offices, Gated Sites like Zoological Parks, Amusement Parks, Parks, Beaches etc. Typical partner would be somebody doing Cable TV Connectivity, Fibre Networking , Security, Electrical work in the Target Area. CATEGORY 02: FRANCHISEE (SALES ONLY) Though this Franchisee we will acquire & operate using his manpower and management, Customers with medium to large footprint e.g. Airports, Large Hospitals, Gated public parking, Event Parking etc. CATEGORY 03: OPERATION FRANCHISEE This Franchisee will not be responsible for BD & Sales This Franchisee should have operational capabilities for parking management & related services. Typical franchisee will be Man Power Company, Security Company, Petty Contractors etc. CATEGORY 04: MASTER FRANCHISEE Exclusive Geographical Territories e.g. State or Large City or Verticals e.g. Railways. If you are interested in learning more about the mPark business model we would be happy to help please send us your query at

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